Assess Infrastructure

Let IMPEX Technologies evaluate your IT environment and move you towards successful transformation of your infrastructure. Our experts can analyze your virtual environment, storage infrastructure, application performance, and cloud readiness, all with a goal of optimizing your environment and preparing you for successful adoption of exciting new technologies. Assess InfrastructureIMPEX consultants have a proven track record of identifying and resolving problems the first time they happen – or before. We’re also here to help you become self-sufficient, enabling you to monitor and manage your environment in line with industry best practices.

Our expertise and proven assessment methodologies reduce risk, improve operational efficiencies, and drive greater value for your business. Let us start your IT transformation with an assessment in one or all of the following areas:

Assessment Available Services
  • Analyze current server infrastructure and installed operating system
  • Gather server inventory and performance data
  • Perform server performance analysis
  • Capture network infrastructure information and workload
  • Analyze overall storage array configuration, layout, usage and workload profile
  • Assess storage array for potential configuration and performance issues
  • Monitor interoperability and performance of storage arrays and attached devices
  • Evaluate application and virtualized storage tiers to identify performance constraints caused by unsupported storage configurations
  • Perform a health check review of the storage environment
  • Perform storage array trend analysis
Application Performance
  • Gather application logs
  • Perform analysis on application logs
  • Detect and resolve security issues
Cloud Readiness
  • Assess customer needs in relation to business goals
  • Gather server, network and storage logs
  • Verify that servers, network and storage are configured according to industry best practices
  • Provide server, network and storage reports to customers