Deploy Cloud


Deploy Cloud

Private cloud and virtualization solutions offer tangible agility and efficiency benefits for both the IT department and a business as a whole. IMPEX Technologies specializes in IT transformation to private cloud technology, accelerating your ability to realize the cost, quality, and deployment benefits of IT as a service.

Our consultants bring deep technical expertise in virtualization, compute, networking and enterprise data storage services to every private cloud project. We have the resources to help you transform not just the technology, but also the systems, policies, processes, organizations, and your business.

IMPEX Technologies is your trusted advisor for any of the following initiatives:

  • End User Computing Build a next-generation desktop environment for your users
  • Cloud Applications  Move your mission-critical applications to the cloud to leverage the agility and efficiency advantages
  • Cloud Infrastructure  Transition to IT as a Service with the vBlock™ private cloud infrastructure, combining state-of-the-art technology from EMC, VMware, and Cisco
Cloud Transformation Available Services
  • Define private cloud requirements
  • Develop a roadmap that fits with your business goals
Assess Applications
  • Select applications for transition to private cloud
  • Design the virtual infrastructure and storage environment
  • Implement application services via the private cloud
  • Develop internal skills to support new private cloud infrastructure
  • Monitor and manage compute resources, storage, and networking infrastructure to optimize efficiency