Finance Solutions


Finance Solutions

IMPEX Finance Services make it easy to finance your IT transformation. We offer innovative, competitive, and flexible leasing and financing solutions to acquire hardware, software, and services as you transition your infrastructure towards a private cloud.

Finance SolutionsIMPEX Finance Services provide tailored financing — exactly what you need when you’re dealing with increasing complexity, limited resources, and cost constraints. Whether you’re under pressure due to limited availability of capital, the need to reserve capital for short-term operating needs, or a desire to protect against the early obsolescence of equipment, our financial services advisors can show you how to maintain the infrastructure your company needs to be competitive in today’s environment.

IMPEX Total Solution Financing provides you with:

  • Maximized cash flow through 100 percent financing of hardware, software, and services
  • Protection against equipment obsolescence (end-of-life)
  • Flexible purchase and renewal options
  • Conservation of capital and credit resources
  • The convenience of one monthly payment for your total solution