Migrate Data


Migrate Data

Migrate DataThe stakes are high during the data migration phase of IT transformation. The highly experienced consultants at IMPEX Technologies use industry-proven methods, whether in your physical data center or in the private cloud, to ensure your migration is successful.

We’ll design a data migration plan that meets your unique requirements, then develop and deploy your migration step by step. IMPEX consultants have the key experience in previous migration projects to keep the downtime window short and costs manageable.

Data Migration Services Available
Plan Design migration plans for Fibre Channel, iSCSI and/or CIFS/NFS attached hosts
Migrate Perform block and file migration non-disruptively from old to new systems
Schedule Schedule maintenance window after hours and/or on a weekend for minimal service disruption
Cutover Perform data cutover
Verify Verify data accessibility and integrity

We’ll ensure minimal service disruption, complete data protection, and improved stability, availability, and storage management for your mission-critical applications. You can count on IMPEX consultants to have the experience to make even the most complicated data migration successful.