Today, the benefits of a cloud infrastructure are proven, and companies are transforming the foundations of their IT departments at a record pace. Let the seasoned consultants at IMPEX guide you through the transformation to a more efficient, reliable infrastructure, giving you more time to spend on things that matter. Whether you’re looking to leverage a public cloud offering, build a private cloud, or adopt a hybrid solution, the experts at IMPEX have the experience to help you select and implement the right solution for your business.

CloudIMPEX can help you define and implement a cloud infrastructure that fits your business and applications:

  • Public Cloud Resources are owned and managed by the service provider and shared across customers. Public cloud solutions tend to be low cost and scale well, though the customer has limited visibility and control over the deployment.
  • Private Cloud  Resources are owned and managed by the customer and shared across the company. Cost benefits are significant, though not as substantial as with a public cloud. However, control and visibility increase.
  • Hybrid Cloud  A hybrid deployment uses both public and private cloud components, deploying applications where they make sense. A hybrid cloud can also be largely private, with a public cloud component available to extend services during peak loads.

To simplify deployment and enable flexibility in cloud environments, IMPEX is proud to offer an appliance based on AppStack® from Appcara. AppStack, a software platform for deploying and managing apps on to public or private clouds, enables deployment of any application workload, whether a single server app, a multi-tier enterprise application with many components, distributed Big Data apps, or custom apps, into your choice of cloud target.

Our extensive experience and strong relationships with industry-leading vendors make IMPEX the right partner for your transformation to the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.