Converged Infrastructure


Converged Infrastructure

Converged InfrastructureThe process of researching, purchasing, installing and optimizing the multiple components of a cloud infrastructure can be daunting for even the largest IT departments. The experts at IMPEX are pleased to partner with VCE – Cisco®, EMC®, and VMware® – to bring you a complete infrastructure solution that leverages the strength of three leading vendors, integrated and hardened to provide a best-in-class solution. Vblock™ Systems combine compute, network, storage, virtualization, and management components to deliver a converged infrastructure you can rely on.

Vblock Systems offer the following benefits:

  • Optimized Infrastructure  Improves application performance, dynamic scaling, and disaster recovery.
  • Security  Drives standardization to ensure security.
  • Rapid Deployment  Enables IT to stand-up new capabilities and deploy new applications in record time.
  • Lower Cost  Improves IT efficiency and lowers TCO.
  • System Management  Offers flexibility in system management options to improve IT productivity.

Contact IMPEX today to learn how the experienced consultants at IMPEX can help you take advantage of the power of a converged cloud infrastructure from VCE.