The Internet of Things with Edgar Saga


“Internet of Things” is the interconnection of unique identifiable computing devices that solely runs on internet infrastructure. We are adopting this technology within our homes, cars, phones etc.

Examples of IoT (Internet of Things)
– Nest Thermostat: ability to set your thermostat to a certain degree within your household
– iPhone: ability to navigate your home security system and to use your iPhone as a secondary TV remote
– Refrigerator: LCD/LED screens and the ability to browse the internet on your refrigerator

The aforementioned is just to name a few on how IoT is being adopted. One of the very 1st Internet of Things that I can think of is the Internet Phone – ala Vonage or aka Voice over IP.

Bottom Line
IoT is the next Big Thing in technology and is here to stay. Analysts are saying that by 2020 there will be billions of devices connected throughout the world. While its potential is virtually limitless, there are plenty of concerns surrounding privacy and security. Still, there are a number of companies willing to invest in the “Internet of Things”.

It’s an exciting time to see what IoT companies have in store for us.