Thoughts from Two Decades of Service

IMPEX has today launched a new corporate website, that we hope is a leap in the accessibility, product information, case studies and resources that our customers and partners have asked for. In writing this, we can reflect on our two decades of industry experience and customer service, which we began in 1992, well before corporate websites were on most people’s minds. At that time, we set out to serve our customers as a service provider focused on data center technologies, and data storage specifically. Enterprise storage has of course evolved rapidly in the last twenty (and even the last 5 years), with densities, scalability and new media (SSD) that we couldn’t have imagined back then.

Over time, our company has grown broadly in several directions. We have expanded our solutions expertise to include all the foundations of the data center (networking, compute and security in addition to storage) – but have also found ourselves working closely with our customers who wanted to transform themselves. The main transitions they were driving for were cost efficiency and agility – being able to more rapidly and easily respond to their customer’s demands for new services and IT resources. The “virtualized enterprise” has provided the core of many such transformations, and we have found ourselves collaborating closely with our customers in many such journeys. The virtualized enterprise carries with it the enabler for cloud computing, and the efficiencies of converged infrastructures – solutions we have created a practice around.

Ultimately, this all comes down to building a business that provides customer value, and customer satisfaction over the long term. We’re very happy to have found a combination of expertise in technology services that our customers need, and that they derive value from. This is something we started well before the Internet age arrived, and we intend to provide for many more iterations of our corporate website!