Cherwell Consultant (Contract)

IMPEX is looking for a Consultant for one of our large public sector clients in Southern California. They are in need of a Cherwell Subject Matter Expert/Developer to provide systems analysis and development of asset management functionality. The consultant will assist the ITDOI (Information Technology Division – Operations and Infrastructure) staff with developing and configuring an Enterprise-wide Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) system.


Our client needs to evolve the current asset inventory systems to a more mature asset lifecycle process that will enable a better overview of the location, status, and availability of all IT assets. The new ITAM will be built upon the client’s existing Cherwell Information Technology Service Management platform. The ITAM will refine processes, automate workflow, manage the client’s IT assets and support their operation as related to contracts, maintenance, warranty, costs, and other guidelines.


The Consultant shall identify Asset Management workflow, build a centralized asset management framework and model, integrate the major existing disparate asset management systems that track and maintain records of IT equipment, software and mobile device inventory lifecycle. The Consultant shall develop automation processes for enhanced asset tracking. ITDOI staff will work closely with the Consultant to prioritize and take necessary action to address service requests and fulfill previously vetted opportunities for improvement. The Consultant shall develop using an Agile development methodology, including, but not limited to, stand-ups, scrums, and retrospectives.

The Consultant shall be highly experienced in developing within the Cherwell platform due to the complexities of our client’s ITDOI environment and numerous integrations with other production Cherwell modules such as Incident, Problem, Service Request, Change, Configuration Management Data Base, and the Enterprise Self-Service Portal. The Consultant shall work with ITDOI Project Manager(s), various departmental property management staff, and IT staff.

The Consultant shall perform all of the following duties:
Project Management Plan Documentation and Schedule

Provide full level of service needed to manage the project and partner with the ITDOI to provide project leadership across all project process areas using Cherwell best practices, experience, and templates.

Project Kickoff Presentation

With the PW Project Manager, schedule a project kickoff with the stakeholders to discuss objective, introduce the project team, execution plan and schedule.

CSM Upgrade and Setup

Upgrade and configuration of three (3) instances of Cherwell IT Asset Management (CSM) to CSM 10.0: Test, Development, and Production:

  • Confirm and validate Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database environment.
  • Confirm and validate Cherwell Server environment.
  • Validate core setup post upgrade:
    • Cherwell platform.
    • Email configuration.
    • Active Directory/LDAP configuration.
    • Supporting operations system and hardware, sw and access.
Security Model
Design Workshop
  • Review Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Security functionality – identify additional requirements.
  • Review OOTB approach and alignment for groups/profiles/settings required.
  • Determine design to be used in Cherwell.
IT Asset Management System
Design Workshop
  • Gather all requirements from major existing disparate asset management systems to import attributes to all asset objects on a scheduled  import.
Framework & Configuration
  • Develop new attributes and processes to capture all IT assets for a full scope of IT assets.
  • Develop new CI objects where necessary to fulfill any new requirements.
  • Develop new CI relationships to fulfill any new requirements gathered.
  • Develop new automation to fulfill any new requirements gathered.
  • Setup new schedule imports.
Dashboards and Reports
  • Develop reports and dashboards for IT assets.
User Acceptance Testing and Fixes (UAT&F)
Specific Forms
  • Implement Specific Forms in support of ITAM using configuration changes per the Solution Design Document.
  • Coach ITDOI staff to enable them to configure any remaining forms desired.
Data Integration and Migration Activities
In-Scope integrations and/or migrations
  • Denodo – Client’s off the shelf Data Virtualization platform
Design Workshop
  • Review ITDOI staff’s documented specifications for each integration
  • Determine design to be used in Cherwell
  • Determine what shall be performed by Consultant and what will be performed by ITDOI staff
  • Denodo will provide access to the data in ITDOI in-house Asset Management Systems (External Data Connection, One-way)
UAT and Fixes (UAT&F)
Weekly regular reports
Solutions Design Document (SDD)

Discuss and prepare the approach and training materials on the use of the as-configured system.

Conduct up to two (2) half-day train-the-trainer sessions for the ITDOI staff. Technicians or Administrators to train end-users on the use of the as-configured system.

Custom Documentation

Provide standardized Cherwell User Guide as enablement Material for staff.

Generate Configuration Schema of the post-configured system.

Configuration Schema for as-configured CSM system.

Product Turnover and Go-Live Support

Go-live planning and early life support following system go-live.

Project sign-off and Futures Discussion


The Consultant must meet all of the following minimum qualifications:

  • Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years as a Cherwell Developer.
  • Completed at least two (2) engagements within the last three (3) years, developing and deploying, or configuring an IT Asset Management solution within the Cherwell Service Management platform (v9.2.1 and above). Experience must include all the following criteria:
    • Developed and modified Cherwell IT Asset Management objects which includes the design of the system to ensure compliance with an organizations policy for IT assets.
    • Identified data requirements, integrated, and uploaded configuration data into an IT Asset Management Solution.
    • Integrated and uploaded configuration data into an IT Asset Management Solution.
    • Built integrations to outside systems for data transfer and update, including to a major existing disparate asset management system through an off-the-shelf data visualizing platform.
    • Developed Cherwell Management System dashboards and reports.
    • Developed, deployed, or customized and configured enterprise solutions that involved multiple related Major Objects within the Cherwell IT Asset Management platform.