Data Center Support Consultant (Contract)

IMPEX is looking for a Consultant for one of our large public sector clients in Southern California. Our client’s Cyber Governance Division (CGD), Production Support Section (PSS) is in need of an onsite Consultant to assist them with an Endevor upgrade of COBOL to Version 6 and assist with job monitoring and coordination, schedule jobs, printing, and to provide output services support.
PSS supports job setup and maintenance, and scheduling and forecasting of future job streams across multiple applications and Departments/External Agencies. This includes both online and batch processes. PSS also administers the Endevor Application Lifecycle Management source control system. PSS includes Computer Output Services which manages, and processes print and microfiche output for various Departments. PSS’s core business is providing constant oversight to support application data processing, online applications, and print services. Each day, thousands of jobs are scheduled and run. Each is critical to a Department or external agency’s mission. The team of support analysts and programmers ensures that the application job cycles run to completion and that online services are available as scheduled.

Description of Work/Duties

  • Upgrade Endevor for COBOL 6; Convert load libraries to PDSE and prepare the environment. Support application developers for compile issues.
  • Update mainframe jobs and or promote packages using mainframe software application Endevor. Move program packages, and members as requested by application developers.
  • Execute mainframe and distributed jobs functions such as ordering, holding, submitting, cancelling, and monitoring production jobs using Control-M Workload Manager software.
  • Use Control-M Workload Automation software to create / update mainframe (MF) and distributed jobs, including scheduling, and job output handling, as required, to support customer applications.
  • Monitor jobs scheduled and executed in Control-M to determine positive outcome and take corrective action for failed jobs, long-running jobs, and jobs that fail to execute on schedule. Report incidents, requests, and actions taken in Turnover document for team transition and situational awareness.
  • Monitor batch jobs that control MF online applications to ensure that schedules are followed and that MF systems are readied before and after scheduled maintenance windows. Report the status of online applications at shift’s end as outlined in team procedures.
  • Work in a paired programming environment for knowledge sharing and training purposes. Review and submit procedural documentation and participate in team presentations to help build team skills expertise.
  • Track all reported problems to ensure that they are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Open and close incident tickets using the tracking software application Cherwell service management tool. Update each incident or request with action taken/resolution.
  • Perform in-house diagnostics and support for print director/form design software, including Solimar Print Director, Elixir DesignPro Tools, and IBM Oce print management software.
  • Coordinate and/or control the operation of the console, assignment of devices, replies to operator messages and the operation of input and output devices by executing jobs according to a predefined schedule, complying with and enforcing computer operation standards.

Minimum Requirements (all requirements must be met)

  • Two (2) years of experience in the last five (5) years executing mainframe and distributing jobs including ordering, holding, submitting, cancelling, and monitoring production jobs using the scheduling software application, Control-M.
  • Two (2) years of experience in the last five (5) years working in a data center interacting closely with customers, opening, and closing incident tickets using a tracking software application like Cherwell service management tool.
  • Two (2) years of experience in the last five (5) years working with mainframe software Endevor to move the customer application programs and application source elements such as Job Control Language (JCL), Procedures (PROCS) and Control Statements to the Endevor libraries.