IBM Mainframe Consultant (Contract)

This is a long-term contract with one of our large public sector clients in the LA region (approximately 12 months). Our client is seeking an IBM z/OS Mainframe Consultant to assist in the support of the their IBM mainframe operating system environment.

The Consultant will work on the mainframe infrastructure, which provides z/OS maintenance and support, as well as operating system software and system utilities and tools. The review and management success shall require mainframe infrastructure expertise from the Consultant in order to design, configure, implement, and support the mainframe infrastructure services.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant will be responsible for the following:

  • Install/Upgrade z/OS 2.2 to 2.3 using SMP/E and SHOPz and implement, tune and debug z/OS, for large scale (IBM z13s and z12/BC mainframe servers) complex applications across the client’s Parallel Sysplex environment.
  • Work with currently supported IBM zSeries type processors defining and maintaining IBM large scale environments (IBM z13s, remote z12/BC, multiple LPAR’s) and their associated Sysplex, Coupling Facilities, HMC (Processor Interface), OSA (Networking Interface), ICC (Integrated Console Controller), FICON (Fiber connectivity to peripheral devices), DASD Storage/Flash Copy and TS7760 Virtual Tape Engines.
  • Implement IBM zSeries Coupling Facility structure definition and operation support to move structures for machine outages, FICON switch configuration and definition in HCD, Server Time Protocol (STP) configuration and operation, IBM CE support with cabling planning and configuration.
  • Provide support as the administrator for PARMLIB changes for all LPARs and to provide support for Automation.
  • Provide lead support working with z/OS Operating Systems using z/OS, z/OSMF, JES2, IOCP, HCD, RMF, SMF, DFSMS, DFHSM, DFDSS, FDR, SDSF, DFSORT, SMPE, TSO, ISPF/PDF, SVC Dumps, OMEGAMON, VTAM/SNA, TCPIP, OSPF (TCPIP Routing Protocol), VIPA, FTP (File Transfer z/OS), SCRT and IPCS.
  • Provide lead support working with and administering CNTL-M, CA-1, CA-ACF2, SDSF, ISPF, JCL, SDSF, CLISTs, REXX execs, and TSO/E command processors to assist in the customization and usability of z/OS and program products.
  • Provide lead support with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity utilizing both the DC1 and Business Recovery Center z/OS and zLinux environments utilizing replication between the DC1 Data Center and the LRC.
  • Understand and work with IBM Virtual Tape TS7760 Cloud enablement implementations as well as maintaining the internal software and hardware settings needed for an IBM Virtual Tape Server (VTS TS7760 Virtual Engines with TS3500 back-end tape frames).
  • Understand and work with VTAM and TCPIP in performing mainframe printer related problem determination and resolution.
  • Provide technical assistance to customers and Operations Division. Provide z/OS troubleshooting, problem resolution and 24 x 7 x 365 on-call after hours and weekend support.
  • Provide knowledge transfer to Technology Division personnel, document all technical work, enhance existing documentation, and maintain all documentation in the Section documentation repository.

Minimum Qualifications

The Consultant must meet all of the following qualifications:

  1. Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years as a systems programmer using IBM’s ServerPac including changes to parmlib, authorized libraries, and other system level components on IBM Mainframe hardware in a Parallel Sysplex environment.
  2. Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years as a systems programmer extracting and analyzing SMF data across IBM Mainframe LPARS in a Parallel Sysplex environment.
  3. Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years as a systems programmer working with CA-ACF2 including installation, configuration, customization, and ACF2 Keyring/Certificate creation and maintenance.
  4. Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years as a systems programmer working with IBM TS7760 VTS and Tape Library in a grid configuration.
  5. Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years as a systems programmer configuring, installing and administering 3rd party mainframe software releases including all of the following: CA-ACF2, CNTL-M, CA-SPOOL and SYSVIEW.