About Impex


About Impex

IMPEX Technologies is a consulting firm focused on being your trusted advisor on the journey to the virtualized enterprise. Our expertise in data center technologies, virtualization, converged computing and cloud infrastructure, plus our technology partner alignment and services execution capabilities, make us a partner of choice for helping our clients transform their IT infrastructure and deliver IT as a Service. We leverage best-of-breed technologies from strategic relationships with EMC®, Cisco®, VMware®, and VCE, plus a suite of service options, to provide the solutions you need to transform your IT environment, minimize risk, lower costs and achieve greater agility.

CompanyIn addition to our rich experience in data center infrastructure, IMPEX is focusing its future on enabling the software-enabled data center. Our expanding expertise and technology portfolio in converged infrastructure, big data, cloud management and application management will further enrich our customer’s edge in the marketplace. IMPEX initiatives are therefore focused on delivering seamless computing to application users. It’s our belief that an application-centric strategy is the future of IT.

In our 20 year history, we’ve demonstrated a strong track record of delivering the right solutions for our diverse customer base of government and commercial clients in California and across the United States.  Contact us to learn more about how IMPEX can lead your IT transformation to the virtualized enterprise and beyond.

IMPEX Core Values

The IMPEX team has adopted a customer first approach to success in our practice – as our customer’s success becomes our success. Our team has been recognized by EMC as the top partner for customer satisfaction in the US in 2012 through the EMC Velocity Service Quality Award. Our team of consultants has delivered 100% customer satisfaction throughout hundreds of projects in our inception. Our core values reflect this relentless commitment:

I = Integrity

We always practice ethical and honest dealings with our customers and partners, as well as our own team members. We will forthrightly deliver on our promises and not over-promise what we cannot deliver.

M = Motivation

Our team is highly motivated to achieve 100% customer success. We recognize and challenge our team members on this motivation and their achievements in customer satisfaction.

P = Professionalism

Our team will always be consummate professionals, performing, behaving and appearing as the top-notch pros that our customers – and we ourselves – expect to be.

E = Expertise

We are and will remain experts in multiple technology domains, encompassing the cornerstones of the modern data center – while looking forward to the future. Our team is recognized and certified by our partners as experts in design and implementation of these technologies as solutions for our customers.

X = eXceed Expectations

We aspire to achieve exceed expectations in our customer and partner dealings, projects and implementation. The quality of our work will achieve not only customer satisfaction, but also the highest standards of excellence we set for ourselves. Both internally and externally, we always strive for the best standards of excellence we can deliver.