Nutanix and HYCU: The Objects of IT’s Affection

With ransomware attacks on the rise in the age of Covid-19, security is certainly one of the things keeping IT leaders up at night.  Even with the best security procedures in place, an organization’s data can still be very vulnerable.  So how do you take control of your unstructured data?

What is Workspace ONE?

One of the most common questions among IT professionals is what is Workspace ONE? This question isn’t surprising. So, what is Workspace ONE? VMware Workspace ONE is a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app, on any device, using AirWatch (EMM), an enterprise mobility management software that integrates identity, application and enterprise mobility management. What does this mean for IT and end users?

What is Hybrid Cloud and Why Should You Make the Switch?

Hybrid cloud refers to a cloud infrastructure environment which is a mix of public and private cloud solutions. For instance, apps and data workloads share the same resources between public and private cloud. Organizations can use private cloud environments for their IT workloads and complement infrastructure with public cloud. Instead of organizations buying their own hardware (servers, storage, networking equipment) and maintaining their own data center, which comes with a significant cost and entails cooling, power, and adequate space for equipment, resources are accessed through the cloud.

The Right Technology Vendor for Your Infrastructure

CIO’s, IT directors and those who manage and procure critical enterprise infrastructures are often challenged with purchasing the right hardware, software, and services. Systems need to be scalable, efficient, and affordable so that the organization can focus on its business objectives. But how do you know which technology vendor will safely meet these needs?

Data Server

Is it Time to Consider a New Server?

Is it time to consider a new server? One would think this is an easy question to answer. However, given the long list of factors that should be considered and the ever changing landscape of hardware, this question needs a good bit of thought and some technical analysis. In fact, some organizations set a firm line in the sand with a 3-, 5-, or 7-year end-of-life hardware refresh cycle. IT standards are changing at the speed of light. The large majority of organizations have virtualized their server footprint, thus reducing the number of physical servers and the need to refresh often.

Does Your Company Need Mobile Device Management?

Today, most professionals bring their mobile devices to work and connect to secure corporate networks. While employers appreciate the increased efficiency and lower equipment costs of this trend, it does come with a set of new considerations for security, connectivity, privacy, and management.

With mobile devices running on different operating systems and service providers, “bring your own device” has led to a need for mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Mobile device management software solutions can be used by an IT department to monitor, manage, and secure smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices that are being used at work.

Is it Time to Modernize Your Data Center?

At the center of Data Center Modernization is finding out how to do things faster, smaller, cheaper, and with more flexibility. IT departments within organizations are often challenged in that they generally inherit legacy IT hardware such as older storage arrays, server platforms, and software licensing that doesn’t match their long-term IT transformation goals. Business applications that control critical business functions might be outdated or poorly managed. They have pieces and parts that may or may not be fully integrated or running at optimal levels. Once the IT industry started moving away from monolithic big iron to X86 server architecture, costs came down; however, server and data center sprawl took place. Networking needs grew at this time as well as rack space, which directly increased power demands and the overall IT footprint.

How to Tackle Major Projects on Your 2018 Roadmap

Projects top the list of all IT departments. Whether its application modernization; implementing Office 365; deploying and optimizing new technologies; or migrating data off legacy storage to hybrid, private, or public cloud options, IT staffing is stretched thin. Special projects demand special personnel like the experts at IMPEX Technologies.