What is Workspace ONE?

One of the most common questions among IT professionals is what is Workspace ONE? This question isn’t surprising. So, what is Workspace ONE? VMware Workspace ONE is a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app, on any device, using AirWatch (EMM), an enterprise mobility management software that integrates identity, application and enterprise mobility management. What does this mean for IT and end users?

Workspace ONE enables IT to deliver a digital workspace that includes the devices and apps of a business’s choice, without sacrificing the security and control that IT professionals need. Nowadays, end users have multiple devices with various form factors and operating systems that are not IT managed, thus making it difficult to secure access. Workspace ONE allows employees to use any device – whether privately owned or company owned – while acting as an identity and device management tool that enforces access decisions based on a range of conditions from strength of authentication, network, location, and device compliance.

Key features of Workspace ONE

  • Providing access to all the apps end users need to do their job
  • Enabling self-service access to apps
  • Having one touch sign on access so users don’t have to memorize multiple passwords

VMware Workspace ONE also automates a traditional on-boarding and laptop/mobile device configuration, which delivers a real-time application life-cycle management platform that bridges between legacy enterprise client server apps to the mobile cloud era. This platform is powered by an intelligence that uniquely combines workspace data aggregation to deliver integrated insights and automation that can help organizations manage complexity without compromising or risking end user experience.

Workspace ONE Benefits to Users

  • Increased personal productivity
  • Financial efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Financial performance
  • Visibility and optimized securities

You should now have a better understanding of how Workspace ONE works and what it can do. This is the only platform on the market integrating access control, application management and multi-platform end-point management. We encourage you to see how VMware Workspace ONE can help support your organization’s existing or new digital workspaces. Connect with one of our experts today to learn more.