3 Cyber Attacks Every Business Should Be Aware Of

Securing your company from cyber attacks can be a daunting task. External threats – including bad actors and rogue nation-states – continue to evolve their methods in an attempt to penetrate networks. Internal threats like disgruntled employees can permanently delete data before they leave. With the advent of “born-in-the-cloud” applications like Google/Gmail, O365, and others, IT organizations must become fully aware of what the service provider is responsible for backing up and what’s the responsibility of the end-user.

Generally speaking, there are three types of cyber attacks: denial of service, destruction of data, and theft of intellectual property. Companies can thwart many of these attempts by staying current with patches, upgrades, and the latest versions of their software. They also need to educate their employees on what’s appropriate and what to watch out for, from an email phishing standpoint. These emails and links are where the majority of attacks may enter your infrastructure. Another vulnerable access point is giving your vendors direct network connectivity. Having a strong security posture to analyze and detect such events and being able to fully recover your most mission-critical applications is vital.

Some of the worlds largest IT vendors, including Dell EMC, IBM, HP, and others, offer a host of end-to-end solutions and services to protect data. At the end of the day, all those responsible for protecting the corporations’ foundations for success – including the CEO, CFO, CISO, CIO, and Risk teams – must all communicate regularly. These individuals can work with IT professionals like IMPEX Technologies to create a plan to prevent, mitigate, and recover from any and all cyber security threats.