How to Tackle Major Projects on Your 2018 Roadmap

Projects top the list of all IT departments. Whether its application modernization; implementing Office 365; deploying and optimizing new technologies; or migrating data off legacy storage to hybrid, private, or public cloud options, IT staffing is stretched thin. Special projects demand special personnel like the experts at IMPEX Technologies.

Increasing IT headcount to tackle these projects is generally not the first option that most companies choose. In fact, IT departments are still viewed as cost centers with a focus on headcount reduction as more processes and procedures are moving towards automation. So, what’s a growing company to do to make sure that they are fiscally sound yet technologically advanced?

Many IT projects that are short term in nature, perhaps require a very specific skill set and aren’t as security sensitive in scope. For these sorts of projects, outsourcing your IT staffing needs to IMPEX can be the perfect option. Short-term consultants who have been pre-vetted are also subject matter experts in given disciplines and can optimize existing infrastructure as well as tackle new projects without the long-term costs of hiring a permanent full-time employee. Often times, these “temporary residents” can offer a variety of skill sets across multiple platforms, and with a simple change order, you may extend the duration of their term.

Once you have established a good relationship with an IMPEX partner and are satisfied with our qualified and experienced field resources and project managers, you can now focus on the tasks at hand and rest assure that your projects will be completed in a timely fashion by trusted experts. Connect with IMPEX toll-free at (877) 444-6739 or email us to learn more.