Nutanix and HYCU: The Objects of IT’s Affection

With ransomware attacks on the rise in the age of Covid-19, security is certainly one of the things keeping IT leaders up at night.  Even with the best security procedures in place, an organization’s data can still be very vulnerable.  So how do you take control of your unstructured data?

Backup software and target solutions work hand-in-hand to secure your data, making sure it’s available from day-to-day recovery situations and in the event of an insidious ransomware attack.

HYCU works seamlessly together with the latest Nutanix innovations to provide it’s customers with a secure, high-performance data protection solution.  For example, with Nutanix Objects, HYCU customers will be able to leverage WORM (Write-once read-many) and make their backup data immutable.  Meaning, it cannot be changed.

Data immutability can protect your data against the negative impacts of:

  • Ransomware and viruses
  • Employee errors or sabotage
  • Application bugs

To learn more about how IMPEX and HYCU can help with your unstructured data, connect with one of our experts.  You can also join IMPEX and HYCU on Wednesday, October 14th at 10am PDT for webinar on this solution.  Just click here to register!